Our Values

DIAL Open Source Center

The DIAL Open Source Center is guided by the Principles for Digital Development, the Digital Impact Alliance mission, and the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. Specifically:
  • We believe technology has a key role to play in both ensuring international development programs effectively use resources, as well as ensuring that those development programs empower beneficiaries to be active participants in society.
  • We believe the techniques evolved by the free and open source software movement are the best ways to create inclusive, collaboratively-designed software – ensuring all stakeholders have a voice.
  • We believe that bringing related software development teams into a common virtual space is the best way to learn from each other, innovate faster, and reduce duplication of efforts.
  • We also believe that a software development community with users actively engaged at its core is the best way to ensure those users are the beneficiaries of tools that actually make their work and their lives better.

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